Sandrine Schaefer is an artist, writer, independent curator, and educator. Using a site-sensitive approach, Sandrine works in the medium of action art to explore the parameters and potential of context, time, and the corporeal and conceptual body. Utilizing the connection between cumulative action and endurance, Sandrine's work addresses the shared human experience of fitting in, offers pause for contemplation, and is inspired by the promise of collaborative imagination.

Sandrine is a co-founder of The Present Tense, an art initiative that produces and archives live art events and exchanges in transient spaces. Since 2005, The Present Tense has produced and collaborated on more than 26 live art festivals, exhibitions, and co-founded the award winning gallery, MEME in Cambridge, MA. Through her curatorial work, she has exhibited hundreds of contemporary artists at various stages in their careers that are utilizing live action in their work. Her current curatorial research is focused on durational/endurance art actions, art in non-art designated contexts, the interstices between art and the everyday, and challenging her audience to ask the question, "Is it art?"

Over the past decade, Sandrine has exhibited her work extensively both nationally and internationally in art festivals, galleries, museums, and in public spaces. Sandrine has been awarded grants and fellowships through the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Tanne Foundation, LEF Contemporary Art Fund, The James and Audrey Foster Prize, The Boston Foundation, and The Edes Award. Sandrine has lectured and led workshops on performance art practices in institutions throughout the United States and is a Part-Time Professor at several colleges throughout Massachusetts. In addition, Sandrine's writing on contemporary art has been published in numerous international online and print publications.


Sandrine Schaefer does not claim to own any of the artwork exhibited on this site unless it is her own. This is a collection of her curatorial endeavors.  All work is copywritten by the artists.